September 2004 - Cape Cornwall

As I walked from Carnyorth I was remembering starting secondary school age 11 and 7 months in September 2004. I went to a different school to all of my other friends so it really was like a new life or new world was starting for me. As I arrived at the point at Cape Cornwall I leaned back against the large chimney and gazed on one of the most phenomenal panorama's I have seen so far. It was so different either side, such different landscapes. I foolishly attempted to capture this panorama in a photo and of course failed. I noticed a small remembrance plaque on a little bench next to me. It remembered a lady named Iris who had died in 2004, the same year that I started secondary school; the plague simply read, "where two worlds meet".


I suddenly saw my experience laid out on the landscape in front of me. I knew exactly how I was going to capture the landscape I was in, this is site-specific art at its most useful for me...  

Two Worlds Meet

P.S (I am so unbelievably tired right now, so my apologies if the writing surrounding this poem is nonsensical)

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