12th December 2013 - Location Unknown.

It's been a strange few days. A Life's Walk is over. About 2 months ago I cheesily imagined myself closing the project by saying  "the walk is over, but life continues". What I didn't anticipate was how hard it was going to be to come to terms with the fact that "life continues". After having such a drive for the last 50 days, such a meaning, waking up on Sunday morning at 5.30am with no planned destination, no planned activity, no need to even move, was a tough experience. I have spend the following few days not really doing anything. I think it is going to take me a little while to process the whole experience, however I am somehow struggling with the fact that the world has not slowed down to compensate for my return. I don't know why I expected it to, but its like I have been in that moment of weightlessness at the top of the roller coaster of life for the last 50 days and I have now suddenly been dropped straight back into the ride and everything is wizzing past me faster than I can take it in, and my list of jobs and places to be is already longer than I can handle - but still I feel like I have nothing to do. I think I just need more time, however I felt bad for not updating my blog yet. So I am pleased to say that I did complete the prokect but my life is currently in a state of rapid flux so when I have landed and am feeling a bit more grounded I will return here and wrap up the project properly. Check back in a week or so.

Until then,


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