July 2009 - Mullion

Today was one of those days when everything was going wrong, but not end of the world things, just annoying little things, so despite some minor emotional trauma I still had a really nice day. I stayed with two of the most lovely people I have stayed with so far last night in Porthleven. A lady named Sarah who is currently half way through renovating her cottage, and her friend Emily who has so kindly come down from Portsmouth to help her. And of course there two dogs. I met them first thing yesterday morning as I was brushing my teeth overlooking Praa Sands. After hearing a very quick and minty description of my walk they really kindly offered that I could sleep in the renovated cottage next to the wood burner (which was heavenly!). So I met them in the pub in Porthleven that evening and that was it. We had a great time and talked lots about some life issues very important to me to do with money and our destination driven society. I won't go into it now because I'm quite tired (This has been a real problem on the project by the way! I always try to write my blog at night and I'm always knackered! I really should try doing some first thing in the morning blogs, or perhaps some afternoon tea blogs. The problem is that day light is so precious to me and I just want to be out there all the time!) Anyway.... it was so refreshing to meet these two people by chance and to so quickly feel a real connection with them, and to find that we shared a lot of feelings and thoughts about life which was awesome. So although feeling quite sad to leave them, I set off this morning feeling overall very happy.

I'd been walking about 10 minutes when the problems began, watch the video below this post for the gory details, but basically, I'd eaten a huge amount... and the public toilets were closed, enough said. However in the process of my pooey tom foolery, I had managed to completely tear my trousers meaning I now had a massive hole between my legs. I pressed on none the less, and although a little cold in my lower region I was still feeling quite happy. However when I stopped for lunch I was struck by an awful realisation. In my hurry to leave the scene of my embarrassing incident I had left my little gardening trowel behind. And its not just any gardening trowel, it is my Grandad's, which I had borrowed for my walk and promised to return. My Grandad has been a gardener for most of his life, and I grew up watching him work and developed a deep respect for him and his very understated but beautifully natural relationship with gardens and nature. I love him very much, although I really don't show him that enough. I was overcome by an unbelievable sadness today when I realised what I had done. It was an old trowel and could well be very special to him. But even if it wasn't it was very important to me as it reminded me of him every time I used it. I spent a good 10 minutes considering whether it was fisable to walk back and get it as I knew exactly where I had left it. But I had walked 5 miles on along the path now, so I had to face the fact that for now it is lost. I still feel unbelievably bad about this and it makes me so sad just to think of how it might upset him not to get it back. I will of course buy him a new one, but for him and for me, it won't be the same. I'm sorry Grandad.  

I began to eat my lunch overcome by this sadness when I suddenly felt really light headed. I'm not quite sure what happened over the next few minutes as I think I sort of consciously blacked out if that's possible. Anyway, from that incident, combined with the several over distressing episodes involving locked toilets, no loo roll, and stomach aches that occurred today, I think I can deduce that finally I am a little bit ill.

I've been walking for 40 days and 40 nights now, so it was bound to catch up with my body at some point. But I'm fine really, some pretty serious stomach aches, but I'll live I'm sure. I'm staying with a lady called Suzy and her two sons Noel and Will who are my age and studying at Falmouth Marine School. This reminded me just how close I am now, which I've got really mixed feelings about. I had great fun a minute ago, sewing my trousers back together. There is nothing more rewarding for me (a boy who is notoriously useless at domestic activities), to be able to try something like sewing and to actually, kinda, pretty much, pull it off! Life is great when you try new things. Fake it till you make it folks.

Anyway, I started today by listening to one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs, and it subsequently became the sound track to my walk today, I was singing it everywhere and really thinking about the words. "And onwards on my journey, I come to understand, that every hair is numbered, like every grain of sand", I find this line particularly personally relevant at the moment. I'm going to finish my day by listening to it now, I'd love for you to do the same...

Here it is - Every Grain of Sand by Bob Dylan

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