July 2001 - Cligga Head

After my slightly depressing last two days I was walking from Perranporth remembering an amazing Cowboy party that my parents had thrown for me in July 2001 aged 8 years and 5 months. As I was reminiscing I stumbled across the large disused mine on Cligga Head, the sun was rising over the horizon and Clint Eastwood was on my mind... The next 3 hours were probably the most fun I've had so far...


  1. Hi Tom sorry but I just had to comment on your western. I was blown away (how appropriate) by the effects you used. I was particularly impressed by the bullets hitting the ground as "Bad" ran away, the silhouette of good at the start, all the sound effects of the guns, and two of you in one scene. If you had done this in a studio it would have been impressive enogth but to do it on the go as you have amazes me! I am looking forward to the next episode. David

  2. HI Tom,
    I agree with David, thats a great bit of film making, Helen and i laughed out loud ! Look forward to see how you do "A Fist Full Of Dollars" or will it be "Dirty Harry" next.


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