February 2008 - Penzance

Apologies for my lack of bogging over the last week. For the first time on the project I really let it slip. For the last week or arguably the last 20 years I have been preparing for my 90 minute performance at CAZ in Penzance. That happened last night. I'm very tired now, so I think I'll make a video in the morning to kind of explain how it went - however the main things I drew from it were some ideas of things that don't work and the fact that I am Doctor Who. Don't worry all will be explained in the past. Generally though I feel very positive about how it went, and feel its a great point to now move off from and head towards my final performance in 2 weeks time.

How the next 2 weeks will function I am not entirely sure. Over the last week I've lost steam and speed in terms of my constant short sharp creations and am thinking more about one big creation now. This is i feel a natural development of the project, however I'm not saying I will stop completely making short snappy things, my velocity with those will probably just slow a little from now on.

I am to be honest quite openly ready to stop now. Of course I won't, but after performing last night I kind of feel like I've finished in a way. This feeling might pass when I get back on the path tomorrow.

Untill then,


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