February 2006 - Minack

When I arrived at the famous Minack I was shocked to discover I had to pay £4 just to go and look at the stage! For £4 I was going to do more than just look at the stage!! I noticed that there was a webcam at the top of the ampitheatre and so in a moment of cross country collaboration I phoned my good friend, and regular collaberator in many things, Dino and asked him to go on the Minack website and see if he could see me. He later emailed me these screen shots!!

tom vinall
Tom vinall 2

There was something so exciting about this whole experience. I really enjoyed the confused faces of passers by as I ran around the auditorium shouting into my phone "can you see me now?". At that moment I was co-existing both on the Cornish coast and in virtual space.

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