December 2008 - Praa Sands

I'm 15 years and 11 months old and I've been wanting to camp literally on the coast path with an amazing view for the whole journey, and it looks like tonight I may have found the perfect spot to do this. I'm currently in the sand bar in Praa Sands but am about to walk back up the cliff about 50 yards where the path is wide and overlooks the beautiful beach. I'll wait for the last of the dog walkers to pass and then set up, and hopefully, if the cold isn't too bad, I'll have a great night!! I loved the walk today, the sun was bright, the path was flat and the water was blue, it was lush. I didn't create anything, but I am really less worried about that now. Like I mentioned before I am now really only thinking in terms of seeing the project as one big creation zooming rapidly towards the final performance. So I am giving myself some stress free time to try and get my head around it and get some ideas together. The cold and christmas lights which seem to be appearing everywhere I go are making me think lots about Christmas (i.e being warm and snug, with loads of chocolate and not much stress) so I am feeling a bit half and half at the moment, because don't get me wrong the walk today was lovely, but I am feeling quite content about the project and ready to finish. Only 12 days left, which is comparatively nothing so not long now. 

I wonder if I will be emotional when its all over?

Night x

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