December 2005 - Trevescan

I made it to Land's End! Which wierdly feels like some sort of great achievement or milestone as it is to so many travellers, but to me, a 12 year old boy, its really quite insignificant; apart from the fact that I have now turned towards Falmouth and am actually now walking towards it geographically! I've walked 190 miles of coast path to get here, although really I've walked far more than that overall as I walk an extra 2 miles each day to where I am going to stay on average.

I left Sennan where I had stayed with a really kind artist named Claire Lucas (her website), who let me stay in the shed that once lived in for 4 years which was awesome! She had another guest staying with her, a lady named Jules from Falmouth. We spent the evening chatting away, and at one point Jules even cut Claire's hair which was unplanned. The two "old kranks" as they called themselves kept me well entertained for the evening. I was fascinated to hear them both at different times talk about colour in art. Claire spoke about seeing different colours in nature when you really look for them. This was something that really influenced my walk today. The whole evening felt like once of those Victorian novels whereby several guests at some sort of pension, spend evenings together telling stories and anecdotes - it was a really relaxing evening.

As I set off towards Lands End, the first of two quite disorientating meetings happened. I first met head lecturer from the department of performance at Falmouth in the little shop in Sennan. This was so unexpected and really threw me. Next I met a lady who I had stayed with back in Port Isaac. Seeing her face really made me realise just how quickly times has gone as that was almost 3 weeks ago!

As I turned the corner and into Lands End I was just delighted to find that the "embarrassment of Cornwall" as many locals had described it to me, was closed and virtually empty. Meaning that I could stroll round leisurely and simply enjoy the coastline rather than be sucked into the capitalist machine that bizarrely festers on our most westerly point! However I knew that I wanted to take the famous photograph next to the Lands End signpost, however what I did not anticipate was that they would try to charge me £10 to go inside their little barrier and take it. However, luckily for me, there was a perfectly placed wall just opposite which held my camera perfectly as I used its self timer function. I'm quite happy to settle for the famous photo from outside the railing if its going to save me £10 thank you very much!

As I left Land's End and heading round the cliffs to the beautiful bay of Nanjizal I was treated to the most amazing display of excitement and colours in a short space of time. There was a really climbable rock face on the top of one of the points called Carn Boen, and being a 12 year old I couldn't resist dumping my bags and climbing to the top of it. When I reached the top with a huge smile on my face I was greeted by an amazing view of the turquoise water against the brown rocks with the bellowing white water all around. I then noticed two bright orange canoes paddling round the corner, the contrast of the orange canoe's on the blue water was just stunning. Following them was a group of three jet black seals, who played around their paddles. When I thought this moment couldn't get much better I heard the roar of the Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter heading straight towards me, again my 12 year old self went crazy! I took a frenzy of photo's before waving to the winchman WHO WAVED BACK!! My perfect few minutes on Carn Boen was complete. I was left stood there to watch the helicopter, canoes and seals dissapear off into the day I felt a feeling of complete content (a feeling which I later reflected in a video that I made in Nanjizal).

So anyway, I've ended up staying with a really nice couple called June and Michael at there farm at Trevescan. In a few hours of deep conversation we seem to have travelled the world together which is just remarkable. However I'm far too tired to share it with you now, so maybe tomorrow.

Goodnight friends x


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