November 1994 - The Hobby Drive

Do tree's have haircuts mummy?,
With excitement in his eyes,
The boys questions echoed far,
As they climbed the Hobby Drive.

Their hair gets cut in Autumn,
She lovingly replied,
Their leaves float down around our feet,
When we climb the Hobby Drive.

Will my hair drop in Autumn?,
The little boy cried,
Our feet will get all tangled up,
If we climb the Hobby Drive.

No don't be silly baby,
Your hair's so blonde and fine,
That if it fell in Autumn,
The Hobby Drive would shine.

The leaves aren't shining mummy,
Why don't you realise?,
A rotten brown is on the ground,
Around the Hobby Drive.

Its not just brown though is it?,
There's orange, red and lime,
The Hobby Drive is brought to life,
In the windy Autumn time.

Its like s scrunchy carpet,
As he jumped and crunched on by,
I'm glad the trees all give their hair,
To line the Hobby Drive,

So when you have your haircut,
Don't wince or start to cry,
Just imagine that you're giving life,
To your own little Hobby Drive.

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