July 1997 - Tintagel

I'm currently sat in the King Arthur pub in the centre of Tintagel village, after what was probably my favourite day of the walk so far. I woke fairly early in my lovely bed in Boscastle and looked out the window to see the carnage of the great storm the night before - luckily the carnage was non existent. The much anticipated storm seemed to have blown over the sheltered Boscastle, however as I accompanied Andy and Helen on their regular morning walk with Stella (their little dog) most of the people we met were still talking about the storm. We went on a really nice walk through the local woods and up past a norman church in the middle of the woods called "Minster Church". It was an amazing place although its facing the possibility of closing which would be a real shame. After the walk we stopped into a local hotel for a fried breakfast, which was so appreciated on my part!

Andy kindly offered to accompany me and carry my guitar on the relatively short walk to Tintagel along the coast. So we set off in the strong wind, led most of the way by an excitable Stella! Helen who is an artist, very kindly gave me some post cards with prints of some of her coastal paintings on. I agreed to make it my game to try and take pictures of as many of these landscapes as I can along the rest of my journey. (the first of these can be seen below). The surprisingly busy nature of the path today marked the beginning of half term - though I am looking forward to this Business, I am trying not to let it lure me into a false sense of security too much as I know that next week the path will be almost empty. 

But anyway, here I am in the Pub in Tintagel, after spending the day, fantasising about King Arthur, I have really enjoyed a night in the pub to catch up on the huge amount of uploading I had to do as I've been out of Wi-Fi for the last few days. Please do SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE AS I HAVE UPLOADED LOADS OF NEW CONTENT TODAY.

Back off the the tent in a minute, which I had handily been able to set up in a campsite, before I head off to Port Isaac tomorrow. I am slightly nervous about the fact that I am supposed to be performing in Polzeath on Wednesday! I should probably start thinking about that tomorrow! Although everyone I tell about it seems to be far more worried than me which is slightly disorientating. Please do send me any suggestions, of anything you have particulalry liked, that you think I should show people, or any idea of something I might be able to do in Polzeath, either comment below (by clicking where is says "no comments", or email me)

Speak again soon, enjoy your walk x 

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