July 1996 - Bude

So after a very wet and windy walk I made it to Bude... surprisingly easily actually. The night in the tent was rough. One of the worst bits about being in a tent is that you can't actually see what the weather is like you just get a really amplified impression of it, and to me it seemed horrendous. In the times I was lying awake, I was imagining getting stranded out on the path, or being blown off the edge on the slippery mud. However by the time I woke up I was raring to go. I knew that the weather was set to get even worse (it was already raining quite badly) so I decided I would just power it to Bude and try to get there as quickly as I could and then make some creations in the shelter of the town, rather than stopping along the path. I managed to make it back to the coast path by 9am (after some slightly dodgy incidents with large groups of cows and barbed wire fences!!) The next 2 hours of walking was pretty dismal, muddy paths, gail force winds, driving rain (the type that hurts your face), and lots and lots of steep hills - but, somehow, I loved it!! Probably the most fun walk I've done so far. I'm much more used to the weight of my pack now and am pleased to say that I have now finished the most continuously hilly part of the coast path. I have calculated very roughly that over the past 3 days I have climbed approximately 1,800 metres over the endless valleys along the coast! That's 500 metres higher then Ben Nevis!! Please let me know if you think this just can't be correct, because it sounds wrong to me, but there were endless valleys!!

I spent a good few hours in Bude running around like a child with my camera making videos and such. This was quite relevant to February 1996 in which I had a sort of double birthday as I had been far too ill at Christmas, so these hours I had to kill in Bude really felt like that! I loved it.

I am very pleased to be spending the night in a warm bed in Bude thanks to a guy I know called Gary, who has kindly put me up for the night. I think I've got my blog all up to date now, so its looking nice and neat. Remember, if your computer can handle it, I'd really recommend looking at the "Interactive Map" as well as the blog feed as that shows you the exact location that I mapped and created everything in.

Also if you are interested in seeing some of the photo's I take, I am uploading an average of 20 photo's a day to my Flickr account which you will find here.

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Untill next time. Laterz.   


  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24654390

    "There is the potential for gusts of over 80 mph, especially on exposed coasts" :p


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