April 1994 - Westward Ho!

A Visitor in My Own Town

Today was a very strange day, as after only 2 days walking I effectively have arrived home. It was odd to be remapping memories here as most of them existed here already I was just shifting their locations slightly. After leaving Appledore I decided to approach the town from an angle I had never done so before, along the sand from Bideford bar. This gave me a new perspective on the place I know and love so well, so really added to this feeling of being a stranger or visitor to my own town. I was greeted by one of my oldest friends Lottie, who wanted to come and walk with me, which was really comforting and really woke me up! It's become clear to me that the walking is a lot easier when I have somebody to walk with, as my mind gets completely distracted from the weight and tiredness. I was then interviewed by Jane Elliot, which basically involved me spending two hours sharing my memories of Westward Ho!, which in itself made me feel as though I perhaps used to love here and now don't, or that maybe the town had been wiped out by some nuclear disaster and I was the only survivor. As I walked into the centre of the village I continued to play with this metaphor, maybe everyone I knew had been wiped out and the government had repopulated the town with a new generation, and I was like the lone survivor who hadn't been present and was now returning to my old town. (bare in my mind, I'd only left 2 days ago, it's amazing I how I felt so distant from it). My mind was going quite "Planet of the Apes" on me, so i decided to sit down in a spot I'd discussed with Jane and get out my Guitar. I had never busked before, mainly because I've only been playing the guitar for 6 months! And I had no intention of busking either. I just sat down and began to play until one nice lady came and handed my a single pound coin. So here I am a visitor in my home town, the last survivor of a lost memory. 

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